Realising the God Within: An Intimate look at Human Existence

By G.C Lebona

 In this new book, author G.C. Lebona introduces the reader to a concept bigger than words; the concept of Self on its own personal path. It is a book about our reality, and who we are in both the physical and spiritual world.

 Built on the premise that all existence multiplies through the process of gestation and birth, every living thing originates from the creator, God, who created us all in his/her image with the vision to enjoy a new experience. The author cleverly draws comparisons that make it much easier to understand the relationships between the physical and spirit world.

 This book provides the wisdom and knowledge needed to embrace this period of transition in peace, harmony and with excitement instead of turmoil and fear. However, through a physical rebirth of water and of Spirit. The reader will take a step towards enlightenment, being able to experience more of the beauty from each stage of life.

 In this timely, relevant book, the author speaks about the importance of Love. Love is the key to raising the right vibrations that are able to bring us to a place of spiritual emancipation.

 This book is specially written for readers who:

  • Desires to understand the different levels of being
  • Yearn for a more fulfilling, happy and peaceful life on earth
  • Want to understand the reality of sharing a deeper connection to God, Oneness.

Buy your copy of Realising the God Within today to start your walk on the path to Oneness.