Majestic Self

You are majestic…

You are so Majestic that it takes reevaluating what Reality is, for you to get an inclination of what you are…

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This website, as all my books or writings, is dedicated to unraveling and simplifying the concepts of what a human being is, and how they relate or impact their Reality. The intention being to share and assist my fellow humans within an empowered perspective of what they are, where they are and the changes taking place due to the Times we are in. The main aim is to unravel and make acceptable to you, that you are a Majestic Being that is by far more powerful than you lead on or believe. I aim to make you realise the Love that is within you, to help you accept it and let it be the key to your Reality, your Heaven/Utopia. I intend to help you realise that you are this Love, and it is you. I would like for you to realise that you are what you are seeking. You are the answer to all your questions. I also want us to do this in a fun and open way, learning from each other.


The books, blogs/articles and discussions here are geared at assisting you to question what you believe and your perception about Reality, to question the general narrative of what a Human Being is. I am doing this with the aim that you will then interrogate all your beliefs and formulate a belief system that comes from within you and is personal. I am going to do this by throwing in a more empowering perspective of what you are, as compared to the current norm belief that portray a Human Being as a vulnerable being that is at the messy of chance/fate (the world’s whims). I am going to challenge the current main stream belief that portray a Human Being as a sinner or a dirty being that needs to grovel for the forgiveness and messy of its maker/creator.


I am going to do this through imparting or presenting available information from all sorts of sources to you in a different perspective or understanding for your discernment. I am also going to be tapping on what is within you to assist you to discern all the information through your Heart/Mind and make your own decisions, with full respect to your right to decipher your own God given reality. 


I am doing all this in full awareness that this sharing or opening of understanding of Self and Reality, the changes taking place, has been predicted by many Civilisations, Scholars, Masters, Shamans, Prophets. My intention is to make you realise that we are the ones living this Time that has been predicted. We are the privileged ones, to see a New Beginning, we need to seize the moment – this is the purpose of all my writings.


I write and share everything here out of Love for Life and Existence. I write and share everything here out of Love for me/you, to provide a platform where we can share and educate each other on the best way to manoeuvre the times we are in, where the truth of our Being is available to All. I write to make the changes we are experiencing (in awareness or not) a blissful and positive experience, for all on Earth. I write and share all this to get rid of fear – fear of what we are, fear of the changes that are eminent.


I do not categorise the website as either religious or spiritual. It is just about a Human Being going through metamorphosis, so to speak.


I have included some Articles, Poetry, Artwork, Blog, and interesting Merchandise that hopefully will pick your mind and that you will hopefully find interesting to engage with or acquire.


The website emanates from immense Love for myself, for humanity and for all that is – All that I Am.


I am grateful for your presence and may it reward you abundantly.


I hereby say upfront that what I am trying to awaken in you or share with you, is not something I can explain to your understanding… it is something unexplainable… but rather something you already are… something you have to acknowledge or ‘own’ in order to be able to wield its Power!


May All the Ones I Am, walk with Me and You!!! The Joy!!!


I Love You immensely… Believe that!!!


Tshepo (Born… Not Created!!!)


Realising the God Within: An Intimate look at Human Existence

By G.C Lebona

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Mother Earth’s Womb

Everything that is Alive is born. Everything that is born goes through some type of Gestation/Incubation period in a womb (Humans/Mammals) or an egg (Birds/Reptiles/etc).

The point is that, all come into being first in an enclosed or protected environment, where they are not ‘aware’ of who they are and the vastness of the world they have just entered.

All existence multiplies itself through this process of gestation and birth.

This process creates new life that is in the image of its creator (parent), but has its own traits and appearance although it carries the DNA, genes and essence from which it emanates.

During gestation, the new life has no idea or clue of what is outside of its womb or egg. All it knows is the inside environment and all it does or interacts with in this cocooned existence; living its life within the totality of the gestational sack.

Vegetation also goes through same incubation or gestation—called germination—in the Earth ground, from seed all the way to the plant.

This is a process of multiplying yourself for ALL that is alive.

Earth is called Mother Earth for the same reason. It is a gestation place where humans are growing incubated from the rest of reality (The All).

The story of creation says that God/s (superior being/s) came to Earth and created humans in His/their own imagein the image of God; by incubating their creation on Mother Earth, where it has been growing in incubation, believing that the incubated existence is the ‘be and end all’. They now live with the belief that they were the only living beings in existence. As per all incubation, there is a predestined time where they will have to be born to go through a birth into the rest of reality or a new reality.

The intention of creating a new being is to enable for God to have a different experience of self. Human beings have been created with full intention of them ‘birthing’ into the bigger reality of existence some time in a predestined future time, as they develop and mature. This timeframe has exact points, just as it has for the incubation of a fetus in a womb. Hence, it is known exactly when the humans will birth.

This birth of humans is going to be a drastic change in their understanding of reality and themselves. It will necessitate a total change of the environment they are living in or an increase of what they have access to, their way of being.

This has been predicted by many ancient civilizations who foresaw these changes in their philosophies, religions, folklore, and history.

It has been predicted as a great time for humanity, but just like a birth of a child, a delicate and tremendous endeavour.

I am sharing this information, to give you a heads up; to make you aware and to ‘equip’ you with the wisdom or knowledge that will enable you to go through this transition period in peace, harmony, and excitement, instead of experiencing the changes as turmoil or fear.

We all need to prepare our hearts and minds by firstly releasing all that is detrimental to them, refilling them with LOVE, JOY, PEACE and HARMONY. We need to also acknowledge that we control our reality, and that it emanates from within us. We can make the Transition (Birth) less treacherous and a beautiful thing for all, where more Spirits will opt to stay and experience the change alive, rather than mass exodus out of Earth due to not being prepared to withstand the higher vibrations of Mother Earth as she gives birth to a higher dimension plane. A higher plane that is to be a planet for those who are born of Spirit.

We have to awaken to the fact that we are divine Spirit Beings and there’s a process that we individually have to initiate and go through, to be born of spirit.

We have to acknowledge that we are part of a divine existence that is vast and eternal. If we are not prepared for that, the changes will seem like the end of the world to us. If we are filled with fear/anger/anxiety/etc. (as per ‘normal’ human being), the ‘fearful’ part of our consciousness will fill our spiritual birth with fearful experiences – meaning the world will be filled with fear (as its happening).

Please be prepared.

Love yourself. Love everyone. Love everything.

Let love live within you. Realize that there is nothing but you. Be the world you yearn for, filled with Love, Joy, Peace and Abundance.

In the Beginning

Please be aware that the ‘In the beginning’ in the Bible refers to the beginning of Human Beings and Earth, not The Beginning of existence.

There was existence long before there were Human Beings, for a long time.

Existence always contained Consciousness or always was Consciousness. 

Consciousness is what defines or determines a state of Being, hence we are Human Being/s, a form of Consciousness.

There have been other forms of Beings holding consciousness before Human Beings. These forms of Beings still exists even now, however are far more advanced in knowing of Self than Human Beings since they have been holding their form far longer than humans.

In the ‘real’ beginning, ALL already existed. At the fundamental core of existence, ALL is energy. Energy does not get destroyed nor created in a Total System.

Consciousness is Consciousness; it has always been Consciousness and will always be Consciousness.

The difference is how it presents itself. As a Human on Earth or another Being elsewhere. However, it is the same Consciousness presenting itself in differen Form, playing and experiencing itself.

It would seem that it creates platforms or grids that are of different ‘nature’, dynamics or laws in order to be able to engage these dynamics and ‘experience’ their effects on it/Self and how it would deal with these… Playing and Experiencing…

Earth is just one of these Platforms, just like other Planets are.

Our Solar System is just one of these Platforms, just like other Solar Systems are.

Our Galaxy is just one of these Platforms, just like other Galaxies are.

Our Universe is just one of these Platforms, just like other Universes are.

Our Multiverse is just one of these Platforms, just like other Multiverses are.

Etc. to Infinite…

Our bodies are also just one of these Platforms, just like other Forms of bodies are.

Our Anatomy is just one of these Platforms, just like other Anatomies are.

Our bodies Biological Systems are just one of one of the Platforms, just like other Biological Systems are.

Our Cells are just one of these Platforms, just like other type of cells are.

Our Atom Structures are just one of these Platforms, just like other Atom Structures are.

Etc to infinite…

The fundamental experiment or challenge for Human Beings seems to be a platform where you need to work yourself back to remembering who and what you are, as you loose all knowledge of Self on entering this platform. The challenge is ‘can you remember the Majesty that you are’?

The platform or grid is riddled with all kinds of challenges or traps that work very hard to ensure you do not remember who you are. This is part of the challenge, otherwise being who you are, you will remember instantly if these are not put in place.

As Human Beings, we tend to get caught up in dealing with all the challenges and trying to get rid of them or avoid them etc. We spend our energy dealing with the challenges, from lifetime to lifetime we do this. We tend to get caught up in the maya of it all, doing everything we can to avoid or get rid of the challenges and traps along the way.

We forget that, when we Know that which we are… All these challenges seize to exist or are so easy to deal with… We have won the ‘game’… We have acknowledged our power, our Divinity… We have acknowledged that we are part of The All… God… We are Spirit… We are the Co-Creators…

The challenges and traps are set up to ensure that it is a challenging process to reach this awareness and even more challenging to rid yourself of all the traps and illusions. This is because as soon as we awaken to this, the illusion is made bare, and we realize or power over Reality. We realise that we actually are the co-creators of reality and hence have the power to make it what we want. We have the Power to create Paradise on Earth. We are the ones who hold this power, it is already Within us. We do not need to go fetch it or fight for it with anyone, it is our birth right. We are the Gods, as God lives through us… as us. We are living in a reality where everything is done for us to never believe this, to a point that this is a blasphemous thing to say even according to religion… That which is purporting to be guiding people towards God.

We have since reached a point of this Revelation. It is however up to individuals to work on themselves to awaken to this, to enjoy their God given right and power. It is a challenging process, but you have all the help you can imagine, God within you. You just need to reach in, and to accept that which you are, then the Kingdom of God will welcome you.

The Key is LOVE…

Love of Self… Love of Everyone… Love of Everything… Inherent Love… Joy

Heaven on Earth

We can create Heaven on Earth quite easily, we just need to acknowledge who we are and what we are. We are the Spark of The All/God.

God lives IN us – God lives through us – hence all creation emanates from within us. We need to learn how we co-create reality. What faculties of our being are the tools of Creation?

Our Mind and Emotions are critical tools of creation, but we currently let them be led and controlled by anything outside of our Being (TV, Entertainment, Schooling System, Religion etc.). Hence these systems are controlling all our creations, controlling all our experiences – ensuring that we create more illusion, more challenges and go in circles believing we are resolving the challenges… Maya.

You will never ‘resolve’ anything outside of you… You have to ‘resolve’ what you are… What is inside of you… Everything ‘outside’ that you are observing/living/experiencing emanates from within you – where the God you are resides.

You have to go within, and resolve there. What you hold on to (pain, grudge, anger, lack etc.)… you have to replace these with what you want manifest (love, joy, abundance etc.). You have to realize that your thoughts are real… even those you take for granted.

Your Thoughts/Imagination/Voice and Emotions are part of an intricate system that your Being uses to inform your Power Within (God) about what you want manifested into your reality. These tools dictate to your Power what you believe about yourself, what you believe you deserve, what you believe about reality etc… and your Power delivers without fail!

You also have to realize that external stimuli like TV, Movies, Books, News, etc. uses the same tools of creation within you, and hence is also informing your power of what you find acceptable in your reality. It is like programming you to create the things you are watching or that pass through to parts of your creation machine (subconscious) unaware or aware. You have to guard these tools with Vigour… Do not take them for granted… You need to let into them only what you want manifested in your reality, in your life. Do not let in things that program tragedies, violence, lack, disempowering and all kinds of horrors into you  as these will be your reality (as you see in our world – where all we call entertainment is riddled with these horrors). The worst being what we call News, that which is said and taught to be important to follow or watch. Why do we need to all watch and follow horrors of the world – then we get surprised that our world keep getting filled with more horrors.

We are told that we need to learn our history and follow it, then we say history repeats itself – it is only what we program into us, manifesting itself – so if we keep putting in same programs/info, they will keep repeating.

They say some movies predict the future, hence you see things that were in the movies in the future of their release dates – NO, it is the movies that are programming into humanity a certain future play/scenario and hence humans as co-creators manifest these scenarios into reality in the future dates as programmed into them – the movies always showing future dates of occurrence. This should tell you how accurate the God in you delivers – should you know how to program yourself.

I share this with you, to spark in you your own Wisdom, Knowledge and Power. That which is embedded in you. May it awaken, with All Love…

You are part of the confluence that is GOD, you are not outside of it looking in… You are part of God, and God is you…

So within… So without…

Love Yourself… Love Everyone… Love Everything… It is All You… God…

Let Love Reside in You… In your Being (Heart)… In All your Thoughts/Imagination (Creations)…

With All the Love I can Conjure…


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